5 Must-Have Wellness Amenities For Your Luxury Home

Today’s luxurious homes often include spaces that allow for residents to pamper themselves as if they were guests at an exclusive spa retreat. These spaces emphasize calming atmospheres that encourage meditation, yoga, and mind-body wellness.

Just as luxury homes now include experience-based rooms like home theater systems, wellness amenities also strive to create the perfect experience. These rooms go far beyond simply soaking in a tub and steam shower in the master bathroom.

We’ve collected five of the current trends that are continuing to grow in popularity. Although some of these options are more suitable in specific locations, most can be adapted to work anywhere. Whether homeowners choose to indulge in a daily workout or simply want to escape from the normal routine to relax and re-center, these features can be personalized with an extensive range of options to suit personal desires.

The Fitness Center Comes Home

While a backyard basketball hoops are still popular, a full scale basement court is an even more upscale option. Or, if you want your workouts to be truly experience based, consider installing an indoor rock wall or a scuba diving pool.

However, in addition to those options, a fully-equipped fitness center is a truly luxury amenity that will allow owners to maintain a unique exercise schedule that they don’t have to leave the house for. Since it’s your fitness center, you can include any machines you’d like, including treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machines, and/or stationary bikes. Installing a TV can grant the owner the ability to relax while working out or to get in shape with their favorite online fitness coach.

For an added layer of luxury and convenience, your workout center can be equipped with a shower and a jetted tub for after-workout relaxation, or the fitness center can be adjacent to a home spa.

A Home Spa Can Melt Away The Stress

Master Bathrooms have been growing larger for several decades, but a dedicated home spa designed for all ages that cater to the modern health-oriented family is the new trend. You can include any of the high-end amenities that you wish, including a steam room, sauna, hot tub, and even a massage table for the ultimate home wellness luxurious experience.

With this kind of full-service spa, you may also consider adding a wet-bar or a mini-kitchen to provide a variety of refreshing drinks and snacks.

Consider Including A Saltwater Pool

Saltwater pools are trending for a variety of different reasons. For one, they are not location-dependent, and any existing chlorine pool and be converted to a saltwater pool. Saltwater pools often contain ten times less salt than ocean water and also use far less chlorine, all of which can lower maintenance costs. Also, swimming in saltwater pools can be more enjoyable and relaxing, plus the health benefits of swimming regularly are well known.

Retreat To Your Personal Meditation Room

A private meditation room and be the ultimate form of personal luxury, allowing individuals time to escape from the burdens of stressful lives. These rooms can be used to practice yoga, meditate, or to simply relax with a good book and soothing music. Also, including biophilic design in your meditation room can bring you closer to nature without ever leaving your property.

By adding individualized features that are most appealing, a mediation room can become a private escape pod. Be sure to include comfortable seating, floor mats, mirrors, and/or inspirational artwork. A window to an outdoor garden can make the room even more calming and tranquil, and to take it one step further, consider creating a meditation space outside. Plus, since meditation rooms are very personal, there are no design rules that must be followed, giving you the freedom to create the space that works best for you.

Fire Up A Healthy Kitchen

Your luxurious kitchen should include specialty appliances to make life easier for all family members to prepare and eat healthy and nutritious meals. The options are nearly as endless as what you can cook, such as built-in woks, rice and grain cookers, convection ovens, juicers, smoothie-makers, steam pots, air fryers, and more. Furthermore, a ‘living wall’ can provide fresh, frequently used herbs, or a ‘kitchen garden’ just outside the door can offer tomatoes, peppers, berries, and other favorites at various times throughout the year.

Relax In Southwest Florida

Are you looking for a luxury home in Southwest Florida that contains these wellness options? Reach out to real estate professional Dianne Anderson today to find your new at-home retreat center.

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