Elevators in Luxury Homes are Trending

When it comes to trends in the luxury home market, some trends are difficult to predict and other trends fade away as soon as they appear. However, the trends that tend to stick around help make life easier for the resident and are rooted in practicality. An in-home elevator is a primary example of a feature that adds value and appeal for various reasons.

No matter what your reason is for wanting a residential elevator, elevators can help to enhance a home’s style, add a level of convenience, and will appreciate in value over time. Elevators can also “future-proof” a home for residents and guest that experience mobility issues. In addition, they can simplify loading and unloading of household goods when it comes to stocking a wine cellar and help with transporting groceries, laundry, sporting equipment, children’s toys, suitcases and other baggage to other floors around the luxury home.

Keep in mind that modern residential elevators are more than just utilitarian boxes. Rather, they can be statement features that enhance the home’s architectural design and serve as functional artistic amenities, depending on where the elevators are located. The elevator can be a showcase elevator that is incorporated into the space adjacent to the staircase or it can be a simple elevator shaft hidden behind a closed door. While it is easier to add an elevator into the plan for a new luxury home build, it is often possible to carve out a space for a one to two person lift in an existing home.

In most circumstances, a home elevator is viewed as a highly desirable bonus feature that displays a sense of style and sophistication. Here are five reasons why you should consider incorporating an elevator into your luxury home.


Elevators provide an efficient way to move people and goods between floors, and are quite practical for homes with three or more stories. Anyone who has lived in a multi-story home knows how tiring it can be to make multiple trips up and down the stairs every day. That is why an in-home elevator is the epitome of convenience and luxury. Plus, as we already mentioned, elevators are perfect for those with mobility issues and for individuals who are physically unable to use the stairs.


When it comes to moving an armload of boxes, books, laundry, toys, or other items, dealing with stairs can be more than just a headache – it can be a recipe for disaster and injury. An elevator eliminates the need to transport large and heavy items up and down the stairs and clears the way for the staircase to be used for its intended purpose – foot traffic between floors.


In nearly every luxury home market, home elevators offer desirable resale benefits. While elevators are utilitarian in nature, they can be designed as stunning pieces of contemporary art. They are a top-rated luxury item in the high-end market, and are the perfect addition to any luxury home found in Southwest Florida.

Universal Design

Staircases can pose a variety of hazards for not only families with very young children, but also for aging residents and guests. To prevent accidental injury, there may even be times when the staircase needs to be blocked off to allow only the elevator to be used (when doing this, please keep in mind that all staircases need to be unblocked in the case of an emergency, like a fire). So, as more and more families have a reason to celebrate multi-general togetherness, home elevators are sure to become even more desirable.

Aesthetic Appeal

One of the best aspects about an in-home elevator is that they seldom take up more than 15 or 20 square feet of floor space. Elevators can be big and bold for everyone to use or they can be hidden away for private and personal usage. Unique elevators may also be combined with spiral or curved staircases to add an eye-catching aesthetic element that is in tune with other architectural features.

What About Stair Lifts?

While stair lifts that are installed onto an existing staircase can alleviate accessibility problems, they are not as attractive and they reduce the overall functionality of the staircase itself by blocking the path. Elevators instead add the same functionality while eliminating aesthetic concerns.

Final Thoughts

Whether the luxury property is located on a sprawling estate or in a compact multi-level condominium, an elevator can help alleviate a number of issues. Home elevators are typically not difficult to install, and will almost always add to the home’s total appeal and value. If you are interested in adding an elevator to your Southwest Florida luxury home, contact real estate expert Dianne Anderson today.

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