Selling Luxurious Lifestyles

In today’s market, the affluent are purchasing homes with long-term investments in mind, as the rate of price increases is slowing down. Along with that change is also a shift in philosophy on what luxury homebuyers are seeking in a new home.

While the property’s location, selling price, and size are still crucial factors, another aspect has been emerging as one of the main deciding factors. This factor is all about lifestyle.

Lifestyle is an emotional choice and it is no longer acceptable to blandly list out the facts of a property. If you are selling a luxury property and want to make it stand out from the competition and maximize your financial return, then how you market the property is highly important.

We will take a quick look at four steps that will help you evoke a better connection with your home while highlighting your home’s story.

Change How You View A Property

While buyers may say that they are looking for specific features, such as a 6-bedroom home with security gates that’s in a desirable location, what they are really looking for is a place that adheres to their lifestyle goals.

Luxury homes are often highly unique and looking at the property from the eyes of the masses is not going to elicit great responses. Instead, start paying attention to where the property is situated, what amenities and attractions are located nearby, and what the most special and unusual features are. With those in mind, ask your potential buyers what attracted them to the house or what they believe the property’s best feature is, as the answers you receive may surprise you.

Looking past the basics, such as the standard upgrades and traditional features, and discovering what truly sets the property apart from others is the first step in understanding how key lifestyle differentiators affect the buying process.

Create a Niche Market

The next thing to determine is what kind of lifestyles match with your property. Knowing this answer is what you need to market your property affectively.

Once you have an idea on what types of lifestyles would best appreciate your property, use those key lifestyle differentiators as the main focal point of your home’s marketing. By doing this, you can focus your energy on evoking the emotional side of your buyer’s decision making process. This is especially important when writing the listing’s description, deciding on what photography to feature, and determining how to best utilize a video tour.

Nearly all searches for properties begin online nowadays, which means that buyers already know the key parameters they want when they are looking for a new home. That is why making the most of your online listing is extremely important. You only have a few seconds to connect with a person, so it is imperative that you properly utilize strong headlines and powerful imagery that showcases the lifestyle aspect.

Every Home Has A Lifestyle Story

Every property has a unique story to tell, so be sure to highlight how your home and its personality will achieve your buyer’s lifestyle goals.

For example, a luxurious property located in Southwest Florida that is close to a beach would have a completely different story from one located in the heart of a busy town center. For the property located on the beach, your listing may say something like, “Enjoy the soothing sounds of the waves as they lap against the shore while you enjoy your morning cup of coffee.” A property located in city center may instead say something along the lines of, “Enjoy a fun night out own the town and return home to relax in your private sanctuary.”

As for the photography and videography, be sure to include footage of nearby attractions such as outdoor activities, local events, shopping, unique bars and taverns, and other aspects of a community that can inspire a buyer to want to live in the area, not just the home. Any details that you can include to tie your listing to a specific lifestyle will help to attract the right buyers.

Connecting With The Right Buyer

When you have your marketing materials that resonate with your potential buyers finalized, it’s time to tell the world. You should put your listing out on the traditional channels (Zillow, Redfin) as well as mediums that will connect you with people who are looking for the lifestyle you are offering.

This can take time to get right so you can fully understand the trends and attributes that characterize your potential buyers. There are various companies and services that specialize in finding the buyers you want to attract. They can help you identify those buyers not just by their occupation or financial status, but also by where they like to shop and their top entertainment destinations. The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing offers these services though their WealthEngine tool that is available with an Institute Membership.

Finally, there are also services out there that can sift through the data and create reports to help you develop an effective pitch to target your potential buyers. If you can connect the story of your home with a lifestyle then you’ll discover how to market to the buyer that is seeking that lifestyle.

Make 2024 Your Year To Do Things Differently

If you are looking to sell your luxurious home this year, the good news is that the market looks to be holding steady at the start of 2024. Many experts believe that with both the stability and the potential decrease in interest rates taken into account, 2024 will see a market similar to the pandemic years. If you are selling your home in Southwest Florida, then contact real estate expert Dianne Anderson today. She can help you get your home on the market, target your messaging, and ultimately sell your home!

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