The Importance Of A Luxurious Outdoor Space

After the past few tumultuous years, many people have begun to focus more on their family and their homes. This refocus has increased the importance of having an outdoor living space for activities with friends and family for personal relaxation and entertainment.

Having access to a safe and secure outdoor space also helps to promote wellness and healthy living. Not only that, but blending indoor and outdoor rooms is becoming a prevalent trend in the luxury home market.

Luxury home buyers are now expecting the same level of quality and the same attention to detail for both indoor and outdoor living spaces. Their expectation is that they should be able to enjoy both throughout the year.

Outdoor Space Is More Important Than Ever

Between working and being at home, it is estimated that most modern families spend nearly 90 percent of their time indoors. That is why multiple experts across various health and behavioral fields strongly suggest that we should spend more time outdoors. There are many measureable benefits for both our physical bodies and our mental health that come with being in nature, and there are several ways to achieve this.

One option is to implement biophilic design into the home. This means utilizing live plants, effective air circulation, large windows to capture natural sunlight, and pleasant views where nature is the main focus. Aside from designing the indoor areas to be more nature focused, spending more time outside is heavily advised, including watching the sunset, lounging on the beach, and simply walking the dogs to get a breath of fresh air.

Even if a luxury home doesn’t have a pool or a covered patio, the home’s outdoor space can still be considered another living area if properly planned. One suggestion is to build a garden full of fresh fruits and vegetables that not only gets you outside but also supports a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. No matter what activity you choose to do, being outdoors is good for both the body and the soul.

Sustainability is Key to Outdoor Enjoyment

Today, most modern commercial and residential buildings emphasize sustainable and eco-conscious construction methods. Architects and designers are now aware that healthy environments are a priority and that outdoor spaces play a vital role in human comfort. The primary way to promote sustainable lifestyles and reduce adverse environmental impacts is to incorporate eco-friendly features into our homes.

A few examples of forward-thinking features include rain gardens, green roofs, living ponds, and other unique water elements. Some luxury homes even have indoor-outdoor gardens with retractable roof sections to better integrate natural surroundings with living spaces.

Functional And Attractive Outdoor Spaces Add Value

Having outdoor amenities adds a lot of value and appeal to properties, especially those located in urban settings. Also, these elements don’t need to be placed on the ground, as rooftop gardens, pools, and private terraces are an option and can be standout features in a competitive market.

Green features that include landscaped areas have also grown in popularity. One example is a private putting green that can replace hardscape features like tennis or basketball courts.

Even if you live in Southwest Florida, having a fire pit and a hot tub in a covered pavilion will extend the seasonal appeal of backyard pools and outdoor kitchen areas. Contemporary heating and cooling options are also available to make spending more time outdoors a viable reality, no matter what the weather may be.

Indoor and Outdoor Lifestyles Complement Each Other

As we discussed in a previous article, it is important for sellers to focus on how their home complements a specific lifestyle. Having a well maintained outdoor living space is a big selling point, as you can plant the idea that there are immense benefits that come with distinctive outdoor spaces. If marketed right, buyers will respond positively.

Blending indoor and outdoor spaces together leads to many advantages for different types of homeowners, which means many different lifestyles can find these spaces appealing. Here are some points to take into consideration.

  • People who love to entertain guests will appreciate the advantages of an easily accessible outdoor space for large gatherings.
  • For families, a pleasant outdoor room gives family members different options for varied activities that can be done together or independently.
  • Incorporating sliding glass doors or disappearing window walls in with your patio or pavilion can allow more natural light inside as well as a fresh breeze to circulate indoors.
  • When indoors and outdoors are blended together, nature can seem much closer and that is a mental and physical benefit.
  • Having beautiful and highly functional outdoor spaces increases a home’s value.
  • Effective landscaping can even help to keep your property secure.

Take Advantage Of The Trends

Whether you are looking to buy a new home in the luxury market or sell your luxury home in Southwest Florida, real estate expert Dianne Anderson can help. With her experience working with architects and contractors, she can help you achieve your goal to better incorporate nature into your home.

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