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Tips to Help Prepare Your Home for Sale - From an Expert

Make sure to stay on top of all maintenance items in your house. Not only will keeping your home updated ensure you are comfortable while living in it, it will also prepare you for a smoother selling process in the future. Some key items to focus on are the roof, AC system, hot water heater, electrical, and plumbing systems. Additionally, be sure to file any necessary permits so potential future buyers can see the history of care your home has received.

How I Help You Prepare to Sell Your Home

I understand that each home has its own story. It's important to look at each home and assess what it will take to attract the right buyer. I determine who the most likely buyer(s) will be and then create a strategy to appeal to them. By having a contract in place, I can eliminate the surprise factor and respond quickly if unexpected things happen.

An Expert of the Southwest Florida Real Estate Market

I am a long-time resident of the greater Southwest Florida area and have extensive experience in its real estate market. I can speak to specific market conditions and provide valuable insights into how these current conditions may affect home values in specific neighborhoods or the surrounding areas. I have an in-depth understanding of what buyers are looking for, so I can help sellers strategize how to get their estates sold quickly and for the best price possible. Clear communication is key when it comes to marketing your home.

My Philosophy

When I represent a seller, my responsibility is to bring value that is recognizable not only to the seller, but to the future buyer of the property and other agents representing those buyers. Communication is my number one priority, and I will work to create an understanding around the likely sale price of a home and the process to get you there. My past experience has given me the tools to:

  • Understand buyer needs and how to respond to them
  • Understand market conditions and how they affect prices of homes
  • Strategize with the seller on the preparation of a home to get it live on the market with the most effective marketing plan
  • Know your competition: price the home based on competition and how the values of those homes will set your home’s price
  • Negotiate a contract with well thought-out strategies in advance. With this, you can minimize any risks that may get in the way of a fast and easy closing